Athens sent multiple Trojan horses to Zaev in last 24 hrs, he accepted them all


Athens has broken of the alleged agreements they made during the last round of meetings in New York between Dimitrov Nimetz and Kotzias.
The name Zaev has agreed to is Republic of Northern Macedonia, with nationality ‘of the Republic of Northern Macedonia’.

Greece last night sent additional two requirements, outside of the New York agreement. The language at the UN listed as Macedonian to be replaced by “Makedonski” without translation.

And the second trojan horse disguised as a request was there would be no invitation to NATO or the EU until Macedonia changes its constitution. The third option is to delay the negotiations for few months, and according to our source in the SDS, this looks the most realistic option despite Zaev’s desire to accept everything.

Now, Athens is in no hurry and knows very well that Zaev has a noose around his neck by his handlers in Washington and London. He was brought to power to change the name, and Athens being the expert negotiators they are will take full advantage of the fact the are vastly superior to the other side when it comes to diplomacy and tactics, in addition all the pressure is on Zaev to deliver.

As Frckovski admitted in a recent interview, Zaev’s problem is his claims that Macedonia would get an invitation to join NATO in June. Greece has now made it clear this will not happen until we change our constitution and make the Athens chosen name ‘erga omnes’.