Attack on Macedonia from every angle: Terrorist and Fascist main speakers at Ilinden


The US Embassy has decided who will be the main speaker at Ilinden. According to Baily, there is no bigger slap to Macedonians than to have UCK’s Talat Xhafery be the main speaker at Ilinden.

But Jess Baily wouldn’t be the slimeball he is if he didn’t go for a double-slap. Xhaferi will be accompanied by a representative of WW2 fascists, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. This is an orchestrated scenario where no Macedonian will speak in Krushevo, instead the main speakers are Albanian and Bulgarian! This is precisely what Russian FM Sergey Lavrov warned back in 2015, to quote “Albania and Bulgaria are working towards joint border at the expense of Macedonia“.

Macedonia’s Deep State puppet and GMO product in charge Zoran Zaev, will be sent outside of the country (for protection). According to Kurir, Zaev will be spending more than a week in the US during Macedonia’s biggest holiday.

  • Billy

    Thank Gruevski for signing the Przino Agreement and removing himself from power. He is a modern day vagina.

  • Rob

    Once again I ask where are the protesters? Why don’t they protest and refuse entry to this scum in illinden? What traitorous people we have

  • Goran Stavreski

    Pay attention to the fact that VMRO has not stated they will nullify the agreement when they get in power. TRAITORS!!!