Attempted murder on Health Minister Todorov


The Interior Ministry informed that the attacker who tried to kill outgoing Health Minister and top VMRO-DPMNE official Nikola Todorov is 60 year old Lj.S. from the village of Dolno Kalaslari near Veles. The attacker waited for Todorov to leave the Health Ministry on the day when the position was officially handed over to newly elected Health Minsiter Arben Taravari.

According to eye witnesses Lj.S., in some media outlets identified as Ljupco Stojanovski, shot three bullets at Todorov, coming at him from behind. Todorov’s security pushed the outgoing Minister to the side, and then quickly overpowered the attacker, pinning him to the ground. Todorov was evacuated, and there are no reports that he was injured in the attack.

Media outlets close to the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia claim that the attacker was the grand-father of Tamara Dimovska, who died aged 10 in 2015 from a very serious case of spinal scoliosis. For years her death was used as a major political talking point for SDS, who accused Todorov of deliberately delaying providing funding for her surgery.

The Ministry claimed that all attempts were made to find a suitable hospital abroad where Tamara would be operated and that funding was never the object, but that the case was extremely difficult. SDSM and pro-SDSM media outlets used her death heavily in their political and election campaigns, often comparing any public investment the VMRO-DPMNE led Government would make with a price tag they put on Tamara’s surgery, claiming that the girl could have been saved if this or that project was canceled.

The gun used in the murder attempt is licensed and registered to a SDS official in Veles. According to Skopje media, two SDS activists from Veles drove and accompanied the shooter to Skopje and fled quickly after the shooting.

Kurir reports the shooter was first taken to Todorov’s house. Since he wasn’t there, the two accomplices drove him to Todorov’s office.

Pay attention to the video clip, the shooting took place in front of the Ministry of Health Office – there is no sign of police, not before, during the arrest or after. Police simply didn’t show up even though there is always at minimum two policemen guarding Governmental buildings. Considering how the shooter obtained the gun, this looks like a pre-planned scenario by SDS structures.

SDS and Soros activists on social media displayed dismay and anger that Todorov wasn’t killed:

  • Yasmina Cvitan

    Dosta e VMRO dosta kopate dupki za SDSM GOTOVO e ….ne e malku cudno so promasil od tolku blisku????? Ova e Seto scenario za da gi nalepite SDSM odsekogas valkani ste bile I toa izgleda nema da se smeni nikogas a bas e steta sto Ako imate barem malku dostoinstvo ke se pomirite so faktot Deka zavrseno e so Vas VMRO ama ni ste imale nitu ke imate so prosti I nerazbrani luge loso e!!!

    • Billy

      Kakvo scenario ma shlaknata ni edna? Vas treba chovek da ve zeme, da ve naredi na nekoj rid i so bulduzher da ve pomine.