Aussie Govt holding Djokovic hostage at Airport


Djokovic arrived at Tullamarine Airport around 13:30 local time, but he was not allowed to enter Australia.

Djokovic’s team allegedly applied for the wrong visa, which does not support the medical exemption for vaccination.

The Border Force contacted the Victoria government, which granted Novak a medical exemption, in order to ask them for a written request to let Djokovic through.

They rejected and did not support the request, so now a final decision is awaited.

In front of the room where the Serbian ace is, there are two police officers.

Novak should stay in Melbourne with a special medical exemption for unvaccinated people, however, according to the local media, someone from Novak’s team filled in the visa application badly. So instead of a simple correction, the Aussies to show everyone how “tough” and idiotic they are, are making headlines for holding world’s #1 tennis player hostage at the airport.

Djokovic has been at the airport for over seven hours, and it is still unknown when or if he will enter the country.

Meanwhile, the Serbian authorities have summoned Australia’s Ambassador in Belgrade on ‘consultations’ and have instructed him to relay a message to Canberra to immediately end their shenanigans and release Djokovic and his team.

The Australian Government granted vaccine exemptions to 23 tennis players, Djokovic is the only one who wasn’t granted one!