Aussie ‘Team Uzunov’ publishes USAid emails of their regime change operation in Macedonia


Highly-ranked British source has leaked emails to Aussie based journalist Sasha Uzunov, otherwise Macedonian emigrant in Australia who owns the site “Team Uzunov”. His source has provided conversations from USAID detailing the illegal financing of non-governmental organizations in Macedonia in order to destabilize and remove the Government leadership.

One of the leaked emails is from Dela Fico, the ex-wife of the controversial Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the messanger of the Tirana Platform, which has the sole purpose of federalization of Macedonia – writes Uzunov on his site.

Although the USAid is an already proven ‘civilian’ hand of the CIA who are used precisely to finance regime change operations around the world, nothing will come of the US Senate investigation into the US Embassy and USAid meddling in Macedonia for a simple reason – if you admit regime change in one country by funding and using so called NGOs, you’ve to admit the same in dozens of other countries.


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