AVMU takes license away from Boki 13’s 1TV


The Agency for Audio and Audio-Visual Media Services (AVMU) has taken away 1TV’s license to operate.

The Agency’s council closed the procedure against the TV station late in the afternoon, after its representative didn’t appear earlier.

The basis for taking away the license is failure to meet the minimum staffing requirements prescribed, Factor reported. According to the TV station’s license, it was obliged to have 30 employees, including 10 journalists.

Following the arrest of Bojan Jovanovski, Boki 13, who presented himself as the owner of the TV station, most of the journalists left 1TV.

In the last two months, with minor interruptions, the TV station didn’t air any program at all.

Boki 13 is the first suspect in the Racket case, and is in detention at the Sutka prison.