Bachev: Nikola Dimitrov is the Trojan horse


Janko Bachev is one of handful of Macedonian politicians (VMRO-NP) who has spoken the truth and publicly outed Government officials involved in treason since 2001. He was the first to speak out about 2001 conflict and the fact that the Macedonian Defense Ministry led by SDS at the time purposefully sacrificed Macedonian soldiers by giving coordinates of movement to OSCE via the German Embassy whose local staff was made up of the wives and relatives of SDS officials. Soldiers were sacrificed, ambushed so the SDS’ handlers could influence the public and accept the Ohrid Agreement. You can read about it here.

Today, Janko Bachev asks, who keeps re(introducing) Nikola Dimitrov, perhaps the biggest trojan horse of all, who first undermined Macedonia’s military in 2001, then undermined our negotiations with Greece, and now yet again appears as a foreign minister of a treasonous Government. His recent FB picture with Baily perhaps explains how things evolved! Bachev asks, why is DUI not complaining that SDS took both the Defense and the Foreign Affairs? Is there a difference between DUI and SDS?

Here are some of the questions Janko Bachev asks in numerical list:

1. Who and why at the most critical time for the country, during a foreign imposed conflict in 2001, appoints a university student as a national security adviser to the President? At the time Nikola Dimitrov had just come out of Law school with zero competencies in the area of defense. We know where his advice took us in 2001.

2. Who and why, without any second guessing inserted Nikola Dimitrov in all governments? As a name negotiator with Crvenkovski, adviser to Gruevski, Minister with Zaev.

3. Who and why was Nikola Dimitrov installed in positions related to massive national interests even though Dimitrov as a man does not consider himself an ethic Macedonian. His own father and Macedonian diplomat Dimitar Dimitrov writes books in which he says Macedonians do not exist.

4. Who and why was Dimitrov and his father installed as Macedonian ambassadors in Washington and Moscow at the same time, something considered unthinkable in centuries of diplomatic practice!

5. Who and why would anyone install a highly dangerous individual as a name negotiator despite the fact Nikola Dimitrov lacks Macedonian identity and a sense of belonging to the Macedonian people. His family publicly says they have kinship with Bulgarians.

6. Who and why at the crucial moment when the name negotiations were developing quite positively for Macedonia, introduced Dimitrov who then immediately changed the dynamic to benefit Athens, claiming Macedonia must compromise? Dimitrov weakened Macedonian positions each time he met with Nimetz.

7. Who and why since Macedonia’s independence is inserting this treasonous family in top political positions? Ratka, Dimitar and Nikola Dimitrov would sell anything including themselves for the right money. Who is putting this people in charge for the past 25 years?

These questions hide the secrets of Macedonia’s dark destiny, concludes Bachev.

  • LXV

    The short answer is KOS & UDBA. For the longer answer, watch the first two “episodes” of TV Nova’s debate featuring Sotir Kostov and Predrag Dimitrovski, dubbed “Who and why is destroying Macedonia?” (the third part will have its premiere on Tuesday).

    • Goran Stavreski

      I don’t know if I’d agree with KOS and UDBA being behind this. This is not the 1980’s, besides wouldn’t Dimitrov pro Serbian if that’s the case?
      You have Frckovski the psycho who is on Athens payroll since 1992, and now Dimitrov who from what I know is well connected to the Dutch and the US State Department.

      • LXV

        I wasn’t very clear in my previous comment and I apologize for that. What I meant was the local network and structures of KOS and UDBA, not necessarily those exact agencies themselves. You know the proverb about the dog and the butcher shop…

        Another great indicative example of who’s always been and still is behind all this is the unsuccessful lustration. Someone has vested interests in withholding the whole truth from the Macedonian people.

        • Goran Stavreski

          I see what you mean. There is no question the lustration was stopped with assistance from Brussels and Berlin to hide all the traitors, but we already know who this people are. I mean, who was surprised that Vladimir Milchin, the head of the Soros Open Society for 20 years was on the list? I think the majority of the population knows who these people are.

  • Athan Paris

    This is the most Paranoid country in the Europe…Brain washed and certifiable…most human rights abuses in Europe…and you make up more stories to cover your falsification of history..?