Baily has ordered illegal SPO to defocus public from Tirana platform with new arrests


Although the SPO officially and legally ended their work on June 30, 2017, per the Przino agreement, according to sources within the SDS, Katica Janeva has received direct orders from US Ambassador Jess Baily in the shortest possible time to come out with a new press conference and lay out new charges against opposition officials. Of course, this is all outside the legal deadline and framework.

In a situation where every single law including the Constitution are violated as a result of implementation of the Tirana Platform, strategists estimated that this craziness might go unnoticed by the public should there be new scandals invented by the SPO. Remember the latest charges against Gruevski? Gruevski provoked a provocateur who influenced a provocateur who was then provoked by provocateur who was a fan of Gruevski – sadly, this is not a joke. This is what happens when Ambassadors rule over the Courts.

Zaev has already implemented several sections of the Tirana platform, which in addition to the releasing of terrorist from the Smilkovsko lake executions (they are already freed), it also included the freeing of Sopot terrorists who set up a landmine intended for Macedonian army vehicles, instead, NATO vehicle went over it resulting in the death of two of their soldiers. As of 3/19/2018 Katica Janeva and the SPO freed them as well.

Basically, every move by Zaev is essentially checking off a bullet point from the Tirana Platform. This terrorist platform is SDS Government program, in case the public hasn’t noticed yet.

However, since people have already started protesting, and there are quite a few items remaining on the Tirana Platform, including a SDS run fabricated census which will take the albanians from unofficially 13% to officially 33% of the population, but this is scheduled after the name change. As a result, saboteur Jess Baily who governs not just the SDS, but the country, wants to make sure there aren’t any incidents as there is much “work” to be done, hence he has put to work the illegal SPO once again to defocus the public with utter nonsense and made up charges.

  • Its Just Me

    Russia will not like it :))))))
    I think Russia is the most powerful country, what are they saying?

  • Legenda Patriot

    I think it’s time to clean up the parasites who have invaded our country. Bring in the exterminators.

  • Its Just Me

    Russia will get more stronger in the region.
    Bye Baily…

  • Its Just Me

    Ivanov should just ask Putin for help to end this nonsense in Macedonia..
    Russia always has our back, thank God for it..