Baily meets with Ahmeti for update on Government formation


Ali Ahmeti, leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), and US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily discussed Friday the process for forming a new government and current political developments in the country.

Ahmeti reaffirmed DUI’s commitment to overall reforms, in particular the ones related to the judicial system and rule of law. Implementing of reforms will speed up Macedonia’s integration with NATO and the launch of its EU accession talks, the party said in a press release.

Ahmeti also notified the good inter-ethnic relations, better living standard and economic prosperity as priorities of the new government, which he believes will be announced next week.

Baily’s meeting and pressure on Ahmeti and previously on Zaev is to ensure the Government is formed before June in order to extend the mandate of the SPO, albeit illegally.

According to Kurir, it’s the US Ambassador who is putting the Government together, just as he put the plan in motion for the Parliament coup on April 27th, reports Kurir.

Ironically, one day before Baily took action with Ahmeti and Zaev, influential members of SDS called on the “foreigners” to intervene and put the Government together since Zaev couldn’t do it:

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Interestingly enough though, Baily has never met with BESA representatives as they only respond to Erdogan and reps of the Turkish Embassy, as we have previously noted.

The new Parliament majority is expected to continue the mandate of the SPO in an illegal fashion. 81 votes or 2/3 majority is needed for the mandate to be extended per the Przino Agreement, however MINA finds SDS and DUI will extended it with 61 votes.

  • Palo Alto

    I do not know to what end this lunacy will continue! It is doomed gov they are mitigating their loses prior to gov being formed it is a not strong gov coalition it won’t last.(wishful thinking)

  • Goran Stavreski

    Before it’s all over, there’ll be one disaster after another, because no one can stop them. Baily needs to free the terrorists from Kumanovo because he brought them in. It’s important to free them so they can organize more such actions in the future… but also to create a precedent that even if you’re terrorist but you work for the US, nobody can touch you… this is the important piece for the CIA.
    So, with Zaev in charge, all sorts of madness will go down, because essentially our Prime Minister is Baily, not Zaev.