Baily meets with MoI Oliver Spasovski


Minister of the Interior Oliver Spasovski held on Thursday a working meeting with US Ambassador Jess Baily.

Congratulating Spasovski on his appointment, Ambassador Baily said he was confident that important results would be produced during his term, which would be considered a success not only of the Ministry, but also a success of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the MoI said in a press release.

Minister Spasovski thanked for the assistance and engagement of the US Embassy and Ambassador Baily in addressing the political crisis in Macedonia.

The United States, he said, are a constant and reliable partner of the Republic of Macedonia and I expect the cooperation related to law-enforcement affairs to resume in the future.

The interlocutors concurred that reforms in security services was a top priority of the MoI and the government to allow the establishment of a professional service freed from political influence.

“Spasovski and Beily also noted that it was important the two countries to continue to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, and also to eliminate corruption and crime,” stated the press release.

Later in the day, Minister Spasovski also met with Turkish Ambassador Tulin Erkal Kara.