Baily shows ex DPNE officials are used condoms – Todorov and Kralev charged


Despite doing the bidding for the US Embassy in its never ending quest to change Macedonia’s name, ex DPNE officials Nikola Todorov and Pance Kralev who supported both the referendum and vote in Parliament, earlier today were slapped with chargers by Baily’s SPO.

Todorov was doing Baily’s work for months in an effort to avoid the charges he just received…

It’s what MINA has been saying for over a decade. The way the US Embassy runs is very simple, once they have used you as much as they can, you become disposable… aka a used condom. It’s what has happened to dozens of Macedonian politicians and businessmen: Todorov, Kralev, Gruevski, Kamchev… Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska and Mijalkov are next.

And you’d think most politicians will see the countless examples in front of them and cease their subservience to the US Embassy. But no, it’s a vicious perpetual cycle of stupidity, with Todorov and Kralev showing the overall lack of intellect and trust in the Empire.

Similar fate awaits the 8 bribed MPs once they cast their final votes for the name change. The Empire doesn’t like having people around who know too much and can point their finger back at them… single usage is the key.