Baily to engage Macedonians in US to invest back home


Adopting a law on Diaspora, erasing of its ethnical division and bringing the young people back home are the three government’s priorities, the Minister in charge of relations with Macedonian nationals living abroad, Edmond Ademi, told Monday to US Ambassador Jess Baily.

Baily commended the idea for drafting a strategy on returning young emigrants home. The Diaspora is a significant resource for every country, Baily said, offering personal engagement in establishing ties with Macedonians living in the US to invest in their homeland.

The US Ambassador has become more of a SDS MP, is present at more SDS meetings than Zaev himself. Ironically, roughly six months ago the Macedonians in the US started a campaign to recall the US Ambassador from Macedonia. It would be interesting to see how and who is Baily going to reach out to.

  • V.M.

    Baily meant he will get in touch with the albanian mafia in New York.

  • Tajno Ime

    Great idea, where do I have to pay, to get Baily out of Macedonia? This will be great for the investment and growth in Macedonia. I would do it immediately. I am sure all the diaspora will do it immediately. What a great idea, now he is openly asking for money.. “if you want me to leave Macedonia, pay me and I will go”. Exactly, that is why he wants to bring us back home, since we can influence the politics in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe.