Baily’s Court approves release of Chento, Damovski, Ilievski from prison


MP Ljuben Arnaudov, and the organizers of the protests for “Joined Macedonia” Boris Damovski and Bogdan Ilievski were released from prison. Baily’s Appellate Court accepted their appeals and changed the measure of detention to house arrest, while at the same time taking away their passports, confirmed their attorneys earlier today.

In addition, the Appeals court ordered the house arrest and confiscation of Jane Cento’s passport, which yesterday demanded public release from custody, Ivan Cvetanovski, who worked in the office of Veljanovski and Oliver Radulov from UBK.

For the other six ‘suspects’, the Skopje Appellate Court upheld the measures set by the Criminal Court. After yesterday’s public session, the Court ruled ex-Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov to remain in custody, Johan Tarculovski under house arrest, Goran Angelovski, Ilija Slavevski from patriotic associations to remain in custody, and dismissed the complaints of Saso Markovski and William Mihajlovski.