Baily’s distractions for Constitutional changes: Gruevski heads to jail, Kamchev detained…


Baily’s right hand Mitko Burchevski (Agent Tesla) has created quite the plan for distractions and smoke screen while Macedonia as a state is completely annihilated from within.

Today, the press has been busy following and covering a Court courier who is carrying a letter to Gruevski which who upon its receipt has to check-in at the local Shutka penitentiary. To this end, the MoI and Spasovski have organized at least 40-50 paid SDS activists to hurl obscenities at Gruevski due to them being allegedly displeased by his rule as PM.

At Shutka’s entrances are currently located at least half a dozen TV crews, all with ties to the SDS.

In addition to this, another smoke bomb was set off earlier today after the arrest of Kamchev, a prominent Macedonian and regional businessman. This scenario was carefully planned in coordination with the SPO to coincide with Gruevski’s fiasco.

Distractions, distractions, distractions

As these distractions unfold, what is happening behind the scenes that is completely ignored by the media:

    • Greek historians have met with Zaev’s historians in Athens. The Greek side has given dozens of revisions to Zaev’s reps that need to be implemented in full.
    • Parliament’s commission on Constitutional changes has already approved nearly all of the revisions in the Constitution.

While all of this is happening, the DPNE has decided it will not quit/leave Parliament even if the building is on fire. They must stay in Parliament in order to give Zaev and the name change process legitimacy.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total scum. Their time will come!

    • Wolf

      Na. Cant you see if no one does anything. Nothing will change. Sorry im being realistic.

  • Tony

    Even if the people rise they will be labeled as terrorists and will be charged for terrorism.

    The same thing that the Greeks have done to us over the last century, it is now being done by our own dog people.

    We need to be more smart about it.