Baily’s junta make up stories to justify catastrophic Referendum turnout in Diaspora


Macedonians in Australia are mocking the Government junta after what can only be described as catastrophic referendum turnout. The diaspora results were not ‘taken well’ by Baily’s junta who apparently went into “damage control” by employing Kanal5 TV to lie that voters have been detained by police – this of course is a lie, police never intervened nor anyone was detained.

One Australian citizen wrote on his FB profile that the Macedonian Government dispatched four “reps” to Australia, one from SDS, one from DPNE and two shiptars.

Here is what he wrote:

In the course of the day, a quarrel between the four Government reps and the employee of the consulate – Radmila Stojmirova (from the SDSM) began – Stojanova wanted to justify the high cost of opening the consulate on Saturday, and more importantly, justifying the catastrophic low turnout of voters.

One of the shiptars suggested that they call the police and justify themselves in that way.

(Earlier, the shiptar wanted to go on a break, but when he saw Macedonians on the street, he apparently got frightened and returned to get bodyguards and then proceeded to the hotel where he received instructions from the junta how to proceed)

The Melbourne police came and saw that no violations have occurred (filming with a cell phone and asking questions in public is allowed at all times – you do not have to answer, etc.).

But right after that, junta representative Edmond Ademi came up with an inflated announcement that they called in the authorities and that filming with phones is not allowed (this is a lie).

Then the junta ordered (SDSM journalists) Gero, Sasha, Rubin, Sasho Ordanovski and similar imbeciles to lie that there was abuse and incidents at the consulate. The SDSM journalists started posting their usual communist bullshit that the Macedonians in the diaspora were like “peasants”.

When they saw that their lies were ignored, Oliver Spasovski came ‘to the rescue’ suggesting filming in public is not allowed. Spasovski was assisted in his lies by colorful idiot Tortevski.

Kanal5 went over the top desperate attempt by outright fabricating that Macedonians were detained in Australia over incident. Do these idiots realize their lies can be verified and squashed in a second?

This just goes to show how desperate the criminal Government junta is. – wrote Zlatko Kovac his FB profile.