Baily’s operative Mijalkov inserted in “prison” to talk patriots into testifying against Ivanov


Mijalkov’s stay in prison was recently extended by 30 days. He is placed in the “Hague” section of the prison which is dedicated for VIPs. The Hague section is more of a hotel than prison with comfortable beds, TV and all the necessities.

MINA finds, although a major criminal, Mijalkov’s stay in prison has nothing to do with crimes, instead he is there to spend time with and blackmail individuals jailed over the April 27th incident in Parliament and convince them to testify against president Ivanov – all in an effort to scare the president into signing the fascist genocidal Prespa agreement.

As a result, we’ve already seen a case based on fake statements being built against Ivanov by the SDS, with the imperative being to pressure him into putting his name behind the erasing of Macedonia. Similarly to the DPNE MPs, Mijalkov is offering the jailed individuals cash and ‘better life’ if they offer false testimonies that somehow Ivanov was behind the April 27 incident.

So far, the Court testimonies have turned into a fiasco for Zaev – with the likes of Jane Chento (hopefully Macedonia’s Future Prime Minister) refusing discussion asking to be returned to prison where he’s comfortable with his brothers. Chento’s unbreakable spirit and courage (runs in the family) has infuriated Jess Baily and Zaev.

Then there was Aleksandar Nikolovski Ninja who in an effort to please Mijalkov overdid his false testimony and started to make up stories dating back to 2005. He got too eager to earn his promised $$$.

This latest fiasco against Ivanov is once again orchestrated by the US Embassy with CIA operative and SPO ‘advisor’ David Stephenson leading the charge.