BailySDS blackmails VMRO: Give us Mandate, we’ll give you Local Elections


Now we know why VMRO-DPMNE’s Nikola Todorov and SDS’ Oliver Spasovski refused to give out any comment to the press after meeting with Xhaferi yesterday afternoon.

MINA finds, the gist of the conversation between Todorov (who did a wonderful job with Przino II) and Spoasovski + Xhaferi is BailySDS’ request for Gruevski to pressure president Ivanov into giving the mandate to Zaev in an effort to gain some sort of legitimacy, but more importantly, access to the budget.

At the moment, the Xhaferi fiasco is just that, an unconstitutional fiasco, everyone knows it, despite the pathetic efforts and backing by low ranked EU and US’ diplomats.

Should Ivanov give Zaev the mandate, it would essentially legitimize the coup. Thus BailySDS plan now is as MINA finds and confirmed by Skopje mayor Koce Trajanovski as we’re writing this is to refuse heading to local elections.

Considering the naivety of VMRO-DPMNE, and the fact they allowed BailySDS to move last year’s parliamentary elections twice, by 9 months, even though a document was signed they would be held in May of 2016 at the latest, the document was ignored and the elections were pushed to June, then October, then December to give enough time to Baily and Co. to buy 70,000 votes.

Could VMRO-DPMNE be taken for a ride again? Frankly, we would be surprised if they are not taken for a ride. Although keep in mind that numerous analysts even hardcore VMRO supporters have admitted that the party frequently appears to be a ‘willing participant’ in all this. It’s difficult to believe that VMRO-DPMNE does not realize that any document signed with NGO BailySDS is meaningless, as we have seen on every single occasion.

One ought to take into account that Gruevski currently is surrounded by terrible advisors who have cost his party a lot. Where is Martin Protuger when you need him?

Whatever new Przino document VMRO-DPMNE ends up signing, despite their “manifesto” that they will no longer negotiate with or let foreign ambassadors meddle, and they will prosecute Soros NGOs (remember that?), we can safely predict there will be no local elections in 2017.

Only when the field is prepared enough to pay families 500 euros to vote for SDS similarly to the way it was done in 2016 for the Parliament elections, then there might be elections. But since BailySDS doesn’t have another $30m for a similar operation thanks to Trump drastically cutting the CIA #2 (USAid) budget, the only way for BailySDS to do this is to grab a hold of the Macedonian budget.

And this is where they need Ivanov.

  • Tedi

    This traitor Zaev needs to be knocked out cold

    • LXV

      Just like all other traitors, including Gruevski and his party of useful idiots!