Ballots for presidential elections contain no name of country


Representatives of the State Election Commission, with strong police presence, this morning picked up the confidential election material from the Bitola printing house. Then they headed to deliver it to eighty municipal election commissions.

There is no adjective “North” on the ballot papers. The concern for the DPNE and SDS is the adjective would have had negative effect on the voters.

The ballot contains the Macedonian flag, the number of the candidates, the names and surnames of the candidates and symbols of the political parties with their consent. There are no other marks on the ballot and the public should not be misled that there are any other additions, said Derkovski.

According to the SEC, these ballots have 21 protective seals.

It is not possible to forge a single ballot, and the original transcripts have been made on security paper that cannot be copied, there is no possibility to make changes on them and there is a generic data for each polling station on a special paper, said the director of the printing house “Kiro Dandaro” Dragi Milosevski.

For the presidential elections, 1.808.131 voters are registered on the voter’s list.

  • Alexander

    Funny how now, stranglely enough, numbers of citizens are known. Can you tell us the demographic breakup of Macedonia now?

  • neutrinoz

    Ballots are impenetrable but the counters are perforated like sponge. Heavily soaked.
    Mind grammage behind this cheap grammar is obviously a brussels cure. Less a cure more a kure. Fook you mutants. Both. If you use to lay down with flees no surprise you attract crabs.

    Funny in ballots for Boycott it is clearly stated Republic of Makedonija.