Banana Republic: Macedonian Parliament Speaker locks up Opposition MPs inside Parliament


Old terrorist ways die hard.

“Rehabilitated” terrorist turned Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi at yesterday’s Session in Macedonian Parliament locked a large number of MPs who were not allowed to leave the hall.

After this incident, the Leader of the Political Party Levica and Law Professor Dimitar Apasiev announced himself on social networks and concluded that the Parliament Speaker has committed multiple crimes by depraving MP the freedom of movement and de-facto kidnapping.

“By locking the MPs in the plenary hall of the Assembly, Talat not only committed a crime, but also completely lost the credibility to lead the parliament!” “Out of a total of 120 MPs, five are needed – to start the interpellation procedure.”

In his status on social networks, Apasiev said that together with MP Krmov they are ready to start this procedure.

“The two Levica MPs are available. “Three more heroes are wanted and the process begins” stated Apasiev.

Димитар Апасиев

Со заклучувањето на пратениците во пленарната сала на Собранието, Талат не само што стори кривично дело, туку и целосно го изгуби кредибилитетот да го води парламентот! Од вкупно 120 пратеници, треба пет – за да почне постапката за интерпелација.Двајцата пратеници на Левица стојат на располагање. Се бараат уште тројца јунаци и да почне процесот.