BBC on Lake Ohrid – Europe’s oldest lake


Under the title ‘The Ancient History Concealed in Europe’s Oldest Lake’ the BBC Travel published a video story about the Ohrid Lake.

‘This is the oldest lake in Europe. The area around is old too. Even the town of Ohrid already was a town at the time when the father of Alexander the Great, Philip, was king in the 4 century BC,’ the story’s author says.

That ancient history, she says, is one of the main reasons why visitor love to come here.

‘Many tourists wish to experience the ancient things, to get familiar with the local culture, says Jovan Stojanovski – owner of boat tour service.

To the naked eye, Lake Ohrid’s charm lies in its alluring landscape above water – but its real beauty lies beneath the surface, the story goes on as it refers to possibilities for diving in the archeological site and enjoying the abundance of artifacts to wrap up with a visit of Museum on Water or Bay of the Bones – an authentic reconstruction of a part of a prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement.