Beaten Drug Dealer in Ohrid transported to Bulgaria without permission from Prosecutors


Aleksandar Pendikov was arrested in Ohrid last year for cocaine possession and drug trafficking. Several months later, Pendikov became the secretary of the Bulgarian Nazi-Fascist club Car Boris III in Ohrid.

Several days ago, Pendikov was roughed up by three people for owing them money – it was a drug related incident.

Since Macedonia is being run by illiterate monkeys, Pendikov was allowed to leave the country and was transported by the Bulgarian government to Sofia to allegedly rest and recoup from his injuries. Pendikov should not have been allowed to leave the country because there are pending criminal charges against him by the MoI for drug trafficking. In any EU country he would be in jail.

To make matters worse, Bugar Osmani, Kosovo’s Foreign Minister representing Macedonia without having any information denounced the attack and called for an investigation. Osmani wasn’t interested in finding out that one of the attackers is a Bulgarian citizen.