BESA delivers invoice to Zaev for support of name change in Parliament


Besimi led BESA has delivered their demands to Zaev to support a vote for name change in Parliament.

1. Inserting the 2001 Ohrid Agreement in the constitution, where Macedonia defined all of its citizens as equal without mentioning Macedonians as the leading ethnicity.This will create a state of ‘newly arrived’ immigrants that has no dominant nationality.

2. On the whole territory of Macedonia and in international relations, the official language shall be the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet and the Albanian language and its alphabet.This is the last step missing to federalize and split the country.

3. Macedonia should take care of all its citizens living outside the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and not only of ethnic Macedonians.This makes no sense as Macedonia hasn’t been taking care of anyone within its borders, let alone outside it. In fact, the Government is erasing Macedonians from the Constitution.

4. In order not to allow the President of the State to block laws passed by Parliament all laws can be the approved only with the signature of the President of the Assembly.This is why Xhaferi was installed in the first place. You can see Baily’s hand at work in this one.