BESA makes it official: Will Not be part of Zaev’s Government


What MINA predicted over the past few weeks unraveled today.

No agreement was reached with BESA over the party’s participation in the new government, SDS said Sunday in a press release adding ‘doors for cooperation remain open.’

“Despite agreeing with BESA during our negotiations that we share a commitment to urgent reforms for democratic and European development of Macedonia, we were unable to come to an agreement on certain issues. Doors remain open for cooperation involving support to reforms that are about to be implemented in Macedonia and over matters that are of joint interest for the citizens in our country,” the Social democrats said.

Should AA’s Ziadin Sela remove himself from the Government, the entire Deep State project will collapse as both Zaev and Ahmeti do not have sufficient number of MPs to form Government.

Such a move by Sela could result in at least doubling his MPs in Parliament should there be early elections, while BESA will completely takeover DUI’s MPs due to their stance they do not want to be in Government with criminals (Zaev). But this is a long shot.

One can only imagine the sorts of pressure and threats Sela is under from the backers & creators of Zaev’s Government.

Sela will be part of Zaev’s Government, will receive the Ministry of Health.