BESA to enter Zaev’s Government after US led coup removed party’s leadership


Zoran Zaev today held a working meeting with the new president of the Besa movement, Afrim Gashi.

BESA is a two year old political party financed directly by official Ankara, however, operatives from the US Embassy had other plans… Zaev’s Government is barely standing on its feet holding only a single seat majority in Parliament. A week old coup within BESA which suddenly banned its president from access to party’s offices, saw Afrim Gashi being swiftly appointed as the party’s new president.

Gashi and key BESA MPs are said to have been recruited by US State Department’s OTI operatives which are crawling at the US Embassy in Skopje. OTI is essentially another acronym for the CIA as all OTI ’employees’ are CIA operatives. Of course this happened with major financial compensation, more than what Erdogan initially provided to the party.

As a result, Gashi a day after his illegal “appointment” as the party’s new president stated his primary goal is to join (strengthen) Zaev’s government. BESA’s previous and legal president, Bilal Kasami had no intention of joining Zaev’s government, hence his forced replacement.

Certainly, this will not sit well with Erdogan, considering the AKP is directly behind BESA’s existence from day one, and the fact the US outmaneuvered Ankara in Macedonia.

Earlier today Gashi met with Zaev. The meeting discussed the current reform processes with a special emphasis on the Euro-Atlantic integrations, as well as the economic trends in Macedonia which at this time are catastrophic.

Zaev informed Gashi about the course of negotiations over the problem that the Republic of Greece has with the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia, emphasizing that the process is at an essential stage and that there are differences between the negotiating parties, but that there is optimism about finding a solution that will protect the dignity and identity of the citizens of both countries.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Typical corrupt bastards! Can’t win by playing within the rules so they throw them out.