Bezos digs deep, gives Australia $690k – is worth over $113 Billion

0 billionaire Jeff Bezos has been slammed for donating a tiny fraction of his mega-wealth to the Australian bush fire fund.

The uber-rich tech tycoon has pledged $690,000 ($1m Aus) to the relief fund – just 0.0006 per cent of his total wealth of $113 BILLION.

And some have claimed that is the equivalent the average Aussie – earning $46K a year – donating around 40 cents of his or her annual pay.

He said “our hearts go out to all Australians” in a post on Instagram announcing the donation to the crisis that has left 27 dead and devastated the country’s wildlife.

Bezos then added: “Amazon is donating 1 million AU dollars in needed provisions and services. Find more about it and learn how customers can help as well.”

However, the world’s richest man quickly came under fire on social media as the donation is minuscule compared to his monster wealth.

Charlotte Clymer wrote on Twitter: “I don’t know how much has been raised total for Australia, but let’s go over-the-top and assume $10 billion has been raised worldwide (which is way, way more than the probable figure).

“If Jeff Bezos personally matched this, he would still have $100 billion. Think about that.

“Jeff Bezos has personally made about $690m since Thurs. evening. – he’s essentially donating a holiday weekend to one of the worst environmental crises of our time.

“He is currently worth $110 billion. Color me unimpressed with this.”

Lindsey Wasson added: “This feels like the equivalent of me donating a $5 dollar bill I found in a pair of jeans.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Pink is worth 1/100th or less than Bezos and she gave 500k.”

Stars across the globe have already donated millions that to be distributed to the Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army Australia, animal charity WIRES, and Rural and Country Fire Services.

Many of the celebrity donations are lot higher than those made by the Amazon boss.

Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance pledged $3m to the fund, the Titanic star has a net worth of roughly $260 million.

Sir Elton John – worth around £320m – and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth – worth about $130m – donated $1m each.