Biden Can Sense Russia Invading in the Next Few Days


Apparently undeterred after being flat out wrong on every other recent “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine prediction, President Joe Biden on Thursday has issued yet another timeline specific statement regarding the “when” of a Russian offensive. 

He said it will happen “within the next several days”. And now not not even bothering to cite US intelligence or the Pentagon (perhaps his own intel community has started distancing itself from the endless stream of false predictions?), the president said this is his “sense”. According to Axios:

President Biden told reporters Thursday that his “sense” is that Russia will invade Ukraine “within the next several days,” as troops and supplies continue to arrive at the border and international monitors report shelling across the line of contact in eastern Ukraine.

Biden always relies on his senses…

Calling the risk “very high”, Biden explained that he sees “Every indication that we have is that they are prepared to go into Ukraine, attack Ukraine.” CNN reported that when pressed for more details or evidence, he offered this:

Pressed on whether he believes an attack will happen, and if so, when, Biden said, “Yes. My sense is it will happen in the next several days.”

But as has been the usual mantra to cover tracks in the likely instance that an invasion will not actually materialize (and as has been the case with every other prediction, particularly the Feb.16 date previously floated which has come and gone), he stressed there’s still a “path to diplomacy.”

However, Axios noted of his words, “he has no plans to reach out to Russian President Vladimir Putin.” With the latest Russian move to expel the US Embassy in Moscow’s #2 highest diplomat, the prospect for dialogue and diplomatic resolution is indeed getting dimmer.