Bitola organization files charges against 67 treasonous MPs for breaking laws, forgery


Bitola based association of citizens formed in 2004 dedicated for respect of Macedonian laws and regulations whose main focus is following elections in the country just filed charges to the Skopje prosecution office against Ferid Muhic, Goran Misovski, Talat Xhaferi and 64 other MPs, Zaev and Ahmeti are among them.

The charges listed were: major treason, abuse of office, unlawful gathering, fake identity, forgery of Parliament documents, forgery of IDs and several other offenses.

Vasko Kosteski, the president of the organization in an interview with Dnevnik says every legal expert knows the election of Xhaferi for Parliament speaker was illegal, unlawful and outside of Parliament’s framework and procedures.

– The Parliament has a clear lawful Speaker and two deputies, only they can hold a session. It’s obvious what we saw was a scenario planned and supported by foreign factors. I also understand this will not be easy for the prosecution team as they are under pressure by the very foreign forces behind the coup to ignore Macedonian laws” says Kosteski.

Kosteski adds there is video material evidence and witness testimonies of the illegality and unlawfulness in the election of Talat Xhaferi as Parliament speaker.

The public prosecution is now on the move.