Black Friday shopping error: Man buys Apple Watch, but gets…


Not everyone gets satisfaction from their Black Friday purchase. A man from London has reportedly long wished for a special pre-Christmas present for himself but, when he opened the package in front of colleagues, he was first shocked and then annoyed.

John Browne decided to buy himself a much-anticipated Apple Watch for the equivalent of some $387, Fox News reported. But instead, the Londoner surprisingly received a super-cheap toilet plunger. The process of unpacking his ‘unexpected’ present from Amazon was accompanied by loud laughter from his colleagues.

“It was a pre-Christmas treat for myself and I have wanted one for a long time […] I waited for Black Friday specifically and it was a calculated move on my part. It got delivered to me at work and I went down to collect it at reception”, Browne said, cited by Fox News.

“I opened it in front of the reception staff and they started howling with laughter […] They were all in absolute hysterics. But I was absolutely fuming and I had to hold it back in front of them. I was very annoyed and was dreading the impending faff to get it sorted with Amazon”, Browne stressed.

The man could not believe that such a massive error could have occurred with the US-based tech giant. He attempted to re-order the Apple watch, but Amazon disappointed the online shopper a second time – this particular model was sold out.

“I tried to order it for a second time and it had sold out […] It has massively annoyed me. It’s just not good enough and all of the planning I put into getting the watch has gone out of the window”, Browne complained.