BMW driver somehow survives direct hit by a Train


One LA driver is lucky to be alive after ignoring the flashing warning lights indicating that a train was inbound and turning directly into its path.

The incident took place in South Los Angeles this week. CCTV footage shared by the police department shows the driver waiting at a railway crossing before turning onto the train tracks at exactly the wrong moment, driving right in front of an oncoming Metro Blue Line train. 

“That’s got to hurt,” someone off-camera says in the video, uploaded by LAPD Detective Moses Castillo. Rather improbably though, the driver apparently made it out of the car wreck “with only scrapes & bruises,” Castillo confirmed via Twitter. 

A photo shared by LAPD official Cmdr. Marc Reina shows the aftermath of the crash, and just how close the driver came to meeting their maker. 

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Thankfully, the driver was released from hospital Wednesday morning after an overnight stay for observation, with a few scratches but one hell of a story.