Boki 13 wants transfer to Psychiatric Ward or will rat out Zaev


Bojan Jovanovski aka Boki 13 sent a message to the Macedonian state leadership asking to be transferred to a psychiatric ward, Serbian “Kurir” reports, adding that he stressed that if they did not do so within three days, he would present evidence of Zaev’s involvement in the racketeering.

Citing a source close to the investigation into the “Racket” case, which has been shaking the region for weeks, the news portal says Jovanovski threatened from prison to have crucial evidence against Zoran Zaev.

Ambulance crews come to him daily in Skopje’s Shutka prison. He is constantly complaining that he is not feeling well, the doctors check him regularly, give him injections to calm him down… These days he sent a message to the state leadership. He wants to be transferred to a psychiatric ward in a hospital. They have a three-day deadline, otherwise, he claims to present solid evidence of Zoran Zaev and his associates’ involvement in multi-million dollar corruption and racketeering, the source from Skopje told Serbian “Kurir”.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Give them enough time and they will destroy themselves from within. We cannot hope for a better outcome.