Boki 13’s letter from jail: They keep me in jail, while actual criminals are in power


Attempted murder, espionage, illegally seized items were some of the charges filed against Boki 13. He sent a letter from the prison cell where he is serving his sentence in the “Racket” case, where he is the first defendant, and former special prosecutor Katica Janeva, the second defendant, sent a letter saying that the only way to stop him is to kill him. In a handwritten letter that his lawyer, Saso Dukovski read yesterday and which MINAReport has obtained, Boki 13 from the Sutka prison confirms that he is filing criminal charges against 40 government (SDSM) politicians, public officials, who are part of the current government, people from their families and close to them, as well as businessmen.

In the letter, Jovanovski does not state which officials are in question. He emphasized that they could not prevent him from fighting criminals, as he called them, regardless of whether they threatened or blackmailed him. He also complained that he and his family had been blackmailed and threatened all along by those, who he says, knew that charges would be filed against them.

However, although he did not publicly state the names of the public officials, he unequivocally stated that he was behind every statement he made in court, as well as behind the one when the verdict was pronounced when he pointed out that the money from “Racket” were taken by Zoran and Vice Zaev.