Borisov elected Bulgarian PM for a third time


Boyko Borisov was re-elected as Prime Minister of Bulgaria for the third time on Thursday, with 133 votes in favor and 100 against his latest cabinet. Borisov was forced to call early elections after his conservative GERB party lost the presidential elections last year.

In his latest coalition, GERB is allied with several nationalist parties, who will have a narrow majority in Parliament, but are buttressed by a populist party which is not directly participating in the Government. The Socialist Party and the Turkish DPS party voted against Borisov.

A notable addition to the Government is the new Defense Minister and famous anti Macedonian Krasimir Karakacanov from the VMRO-BND movement, who is also a Deputy Prime Minister, along with two GERB Deputy Prime Ministers and another nationalist leader, Valeri Simeonov from the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria.

“We are now in a historic moment which calls us to rise above partisan egoism. We continue on the path of European integration and reforming the European Union. The basic goal of my Government will be to improve the quality of life of Bulgarian citizens and to develop the country”, Borisov said.

President Rumen Radev from the Socialist Party forecast that Borisov may again fail to complete a full term in office, saying that the most important thing is that the new Government does good work, regardless how long it will be in office. Borisov’s first term was cut short in 2013, after the Socialist Party staged protests over energy prices.

  • LXV

    Congrats to the Tatars for electing a former dictator’s thug for PM! As an old Macedonian saying goes: stupid nation, strong state!
    Also, how very quaint that Karakacanov’s Party VMRO-BND has integrated the name of Germany’s intelligence Agency in its own. In case someone had doubts about who is giving them orders…

    • Goran Stavreski

      I actually can’t believe Karakacanov is their DM…

      • LXV

        Unfortunately, it’s april 1941 all over again.