Borjan Jovanovski finds the Junta has limited cash for “journalists”


USAid funded Macedonian media (,,,…) are facing increasing pressure after the US president drastically cut down the budget to the shadowy American organization used primarily to subvert foreign Governments.

In Macedonia, the way it worked for two decades is USAid simply gave millions of taxpayers dollars to Soros operated NGO’s in the country who in turn funded what they dubbed as “opposition” media. Now that Trump has slashed large portion of these funds, it’s up to the Macedonian Government to continue funding the leftist media. However, there is a small problem.
The Government is unable to splash millions in some silly web portals as USAid did, and it has to pick quite carefully which journalists and web portals will remain on their payroll. The rest will be cut loose.

This has caused major rifts between the puppet Government and ‘journalists’ who were used to getting hundreds of thousands of euros per year in the name of salary for articles written in Washington and Brussels.

One of this man is well known anti-Macedonian campaigner Borjan Jovanovski who owns and operates, a USAid funded project to the tune of 500,000 euros/year, not taking into account hundreds thousands more from Dutch and British “NGOs”.

Now Borjan Jovanovski, not just that he’s getting less funds, but is not happy with SDS’ ruling and their constant threats and intimidation towards the media. This is from a man who was SDS’ biggest cheerleader, at least until the funds were coming in.