Bosnia – Greece qualification match ends with Greek player missing 2 teeth


Bosnia and Greece had another memorable qualification match, although the scoreline is not much to look at (0-0), there was much to see after the end of the match, as once again the meeting between the two sides ended in scuffles.

The altercation first started between AS Roma club buddies Dzeko and Manolas, with the Bosnian starlet slapping Manolas.

During the melee Bosnia’s assistant coach Stefan Zhil delivered quite a UFC punch to forward Giannis Gianniotas knocking two of his teeth out.

Greece and Bosnia have developed quite the animosity over the years. It all started nearly a decade ago when Greek fans taunted the Bosnian team in Athens by chanting Srebrenica, mocked their religion, while the Bosnian fans chanted Macedonia back at them.

This animosity only grew as the years went by, mostly thanks to the fact that both teams continued to be drawn in the same qualification groups, both at UEFA and FIFA level.
Now, the animosity in the stands has transferred to the pitch. The last three matches between the two teams have all ended in scuffles.

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