Bosnian UFC fighter stops nightclub assault on woman


UFC veteran Denis Stojnic’s MMA skills were put to practical use recently after he spotted a man assaulting a woman outside a nightclub he owns in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital.
The heavyweight, who owns a 13-3 (1) record in professional mixed martial arts, came to the rescue of a patron of the Dorian Gray venue in Sarajevo after spotting a man follow a woman out of the venue on security footage.

The man appears to grab the woman by the hair before continuing the assault against the back of a nearby car.
At this point Stojnic briskly walks towards the man, separates him from the woman and throws him to the ground.

The mixed martial artist restrains the man, while additional nightclub security approach to assist.

Speaking of the incident to local news outlets, Stojnic said: “When I saw on my security camera that a huge man is hitting a woman in the parking lot, I immediately went out knowing that this woman needs help. I was able to bring the attacker down and made sure the woman was safe, we put her in a taxi and sent her home. She did not want to report this case to the police.”

“Unfortunately, in our country violence against women is becoming very frequent and my duty as a man and citizen, is that everyone in my facility feels safe, especially women, because they are like our sisters, mothers, are obviously weaker and need to be protected. This sort of attacks are just unacceptable.”

Stojnic fought twice in the UFC, where he lost to legend Cain Velasquez and Stefan Struve, but is undefeated in nine fights since his UFC run. His last fight, a TKO win against Christian M’Pumbu, came in May of 2016.