Bought DPNE to protest in “support of EU”, and if time allows the selling of Delcev to the Tatars


The DPNE is riding a protest train first organized by Macedonian intellectuals who are against the selling of Goce Delcev to Sofia per Zaev and SDS’ plans. The opposition DPNE has attached itself to this protest, however Delcev is put in the background, by calling their involvement as “protest as a show of support for ‘membership in the EU, for Macedonia and for Goce Delcev.” For the DPNE, the EU is first on the agenda. Protesters will start their march at 6:30 pm from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in downtown Skopje.

It is a peaceful protest where we will send clear messages. It’s time the voice of the silent majority be heard. We call on everyone to join us at the protest, which should serve as our voice for what characterizes us as a state, strategic interest and the backbone of our existence, the largest opposition party said.

On Goce Delcev, the party said: “He is one of our brightest figures, which is the foundation of our modern Macedonian state. He is part of our identity and the red line for our dignity. In secret talks, the Zaev-led government is negotiating with our eastern neighbor about him and the historical facts.”

The opposition party earlier this month kicked off a series of anti-government protests. Instead of protesting the massive electoral fraud, the DPNE last week protested against the electricity price hike.