Bozidar Dimitrov: MANU works for foreign interests


“Yes, they (Macedonia) will have to change their history books as part of the agreement with Bulgaria. MANU will not say anything because they’ve already been paid and no academic in Macedonia will have an opinion on this agreement – says Bulgarian historian Bozidar Dimitrov in an interview with BTV’s morning program “This morning”.

According to Dimitrov, MANU academics are interested only in money, their motto is “I’ll sign myself as Bulgarian for the right money”.

“Two points in the agreement are very important, I stated those points which created a lot of noise in Macedonia. I was attacked by VMRO-DPMNE, and now they will be put in jail. Whoever attacks Bozidar Dimitrov will be going to jail” says Dimitrov with a dose of irony.

Asked under which laws they will be going to jail – Macedonian or Bulgarian – Dimitrov responded “Macedonian, of course, they have a Special Prosecution Office there.

According to Dimitrov, Zaev would fire any academic who dares to have an opinion on the agreement. As a result, MANU has already publicly stated they are recusing themselves from commenting on the agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria.