Breaking: SDSM & DUI last ditch plan is…. No Show on Thursday


The plan of the SDSM & DUI is not to enter the Parliament hall at all, in order to prevent the no confidence vote, which requires the presence of a majority of the total number of MPs, ie 61 MPs, MINA’s source in the SDSM has told us. This was decided today between Zaev, Ahmeti and Xhaferi.

If the newly promoted majority does not have the support of 61 MPs, as things stand at the moment, it would be seen at the beginning of the session, which would be interrupted before the debate begins, because the agenda will not be adopted.

Otherwise, the Constitution stipulates that the vote of confidence in the government is in fact a vote of no confidence, which means that at least 61 MPs should be present in the plenary hall, who must vote “yes” at the end of the session.

The SDSM & DUI at this point will do absolutely anything, both legal and particularly illegal to maintain their grip on power, even if it is for a few more days…