British and US behind Chemical attack in Aleppo and Ukraine’s provocations against Russia


DONETSK, Democratic People’s Republic of Donetsk – MINA has confirmed that the Ukrainian Army has begun shelling several residential neighborhoods in the DPR.

While the Ukrainian army regularly violates the Minsk II ceasefire agreement, recorded by the OSCE, the present bombardment underway is the heaviest in over a year.

This comes unsurprisingly, as on November 23rd, Ukraine deployed its S-300 systems close to the Donbass border. Then very late in the day on November 24th, terrorists under U.S allied orders, carried out a chlorine chemical attack in Aleppo, staged from Idlib. On November 25th, the Ukrainian Navy provoked a response from the Russian Navy and FSB, forcing the Russians at the strait of Kerch to seize control of three Ukrainian naval vessels, with two Ukrainian sailors reported injured or dead (reports unclear).

MINA has found, in its experience covering this war on two fronts, that major events in one theater come concurrently with major events in the other. Therefore, given the arrival of British special forces into Ukraine, and the long build-up of Ukrainian and NATO-national foreign mercenaries along the line of contact, it appeared only a matter of time before such a bombardment would begin.

According to information being presently assessed by FRN, the bombardment commenced around midnight in the Donbass, and consist of various weapons, chiefly including heavy artillery.

It appears Washington and London are looking for ways to force the DPR and, perhaps even the Russian Federation, to respond in a robust way to these attacks.