British gasbag at the UN invokes Karl Marx against Russia


There was a time when the name Great Britain was synonymous with the highest standards in pretty much everything: art, science, engineering, industry, and education.

The British were the envy of the world – and they owned a good chunk of it.

Oh, how low the mighty have fallen.

Tuesday night, the world was privileged to have the following ignominy foisted upon it by the UK at the UN Security Council:

What looked to be the Klingon ambassador, with a dead tribble pelt hanging from her neck, told the galaxy’s top envoys about the evils of Syria’s Assad, who was winning his war so much, he just had to gas his own kids out of pure exuberant ecstasy.

And in order to shame her Russian counterpart Vasily Nebenzia for supporting Mr. Assad, she invoked Karl Marx.

Karen Pierce said Mr. Marx would be “rolling in his grave” at the behavior of the country “founded on his precepts”.

We are not sure if Pierce thinks Russia was founded in 1917, or that the Soviet Union still exists, or is synonymous with Russia – or rather if Pierce herself is a Marxist and simply quotes Marx as a matter of course.

But the caliber of British elites has clearly declined to the point that some American spokesmen actually appear competent by contrast.

London should be ashamed and humiliated to be represented by a woman displaying such a lack of basic geo-political education.

British diplomacy can do better. The UK has some of the finest schools, educating some of the finest men in all the world. After all, they produced Boris Johnson…