British psycho Charles Garrett sees Macedonia’s name as a ‘threat’


The World Macedonian Congress (WMC) strongly condemned the statement of British psychopath and UK Ambassador Charles Garrett in an interview with TV TELMA that “the solution to the name dispute is a central security issue for the whole region, and for the Western countries along with the UK,” implying that Macedonia can’t keep its name because it is a security threat to other countries!?

The WMC strongly believes that Macedonia is a guarantee of lasting peace in the Balkans. However, any change of the name of the state and the identity of the nation will awaken the appetites of the Balkan Wars from 1912 to 1913 and will be the cause of destabilization of Europe!

The WMC reiterates that Charles Garrett’s statement on changing the name of the state and the identity of the nation is a continuing gross interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs and therefore requires it to be declared a persona non grata and expelled from Macedonia immediately!

It’s astonishing what the Government and Macedonians in general allow diplomats to do and say at home.

  • Its Just Me

    UK trying to be important after leaving EU?
    UK post Brexit IS A 3rd country to the EU. Meaning we MACEDONIA are in HIGHER status vs UK, since we are a candidate country.
    So, bigger threat to the UK and London is Frankfurt. I wonder how deep the economic depression will sink in the UK, and how promptly this will be an issue, that will definitely create an uncertainly and influx to the EU etc-
    I guarantee UK will FORGET about Macedonia pretty soon…
    And being a candidate country we are in higher position compared to the UK 😉

    • Wolf

      The UK will never forget. Because the US will always remind them with a quick Elbow.

  • Righteous blogger

    Imagine if a foreign ambassador told London in London that it had to change its name from the UK to something else?????

  • Wolf

    Both the US and the UK recognise Macedonia as the Republic of Macedonia. But now, both the countries want the Name changed. I said it before and ill remind everyone again. How much Money dod Greece pay for this move to be Made.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Imbeciles with half a brain making ill informed comments about something on which they have no authority to do. Get rid of him now! Oxygen thief!

  • Belinda Dellios

    Get out of Macedonia you pathetic human. It was England and France that gave Macedonia its destiny in 1912 -1913. ENGLAND IS responsible for the borders that divide Macedonia today. YOU are responsible for so much blood and so much pain. BACK OFF!

  • Hope

    Karma is a mother f%#@er. The last thing the Brits should be worried about is whether or not the Macedonians regain their full freedom and place among the nations of the world. Seems as them mosques keep cropping up in England. Reap what your sow!