Bulgaria wants to get a signoff from Zaev we sent the Jews to Treblinka


Neither the Macedonian language nor Goce Delcev hinders the moronic negotiations between Bulgaria and Macedonia. Zaev has already sold the language and Goce Delcev to Sofia, but apparently this wasn’t enough. The biggest problem is the period of the Second World War when Bulgaria in alliance with Germany and Italy expelled the Jews from Macedonia to the Treblinka camp. Although Bulgaria is unequivocally responsible for this crime against humanity, official Sofia wants to force the complete imbecile of a human being Zoran Zaev to sign off and make Macedonia responsible for this crime. And you can’t blame Sofia for the way they think: Zaev signed-off on everything the Greeks asked, why can’t we get him to sign anything too!”

Although we have known about this for three weeks, but couldn’t confirm it, historian Skender Asani through his connections in the Government junta was able to confirm it in an interview this evening.

The main dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria is the period of World War II, ie the expulsion of 7,189 Jews from Skopje to Treblinka. About the Holocaust? Yes. Why? “Bulgaria was in on the Axis side in WWII and Skopje was under Bulgarian occupation,” Asani said in “10 MINUTES” on TV21.

The Macedonian-Bulgarian commission, its existence is a huge mistake, because they don’t care for history or facts to make a decision, it’s all politics… says historian Skender Asani. He adds that the only solution is to establish permanent offices in Sofia and Skopje.

“From the beginning it has become a problem and now we see those red lines of the two delegations that at the moment do not see an appropriate solution. Asani told TV21.

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