Bulgarian historians refused debates for years, now debate themselves on MTV


Bulgarian historians for years refused to come to Skopje and debate any historical event with their Macedonian colleagues.

The most recent refusal was of Bozidar Dimitrov to take part in a debate organized by Milenko Nedelkovski few months ago. Macedonian and Serbian historians from Belgrade showed up for the debate, the only one missing was Dimitrov. Previously other Bulgarian historians had been invited for a debate, again no one showed up.

With Zaev running the show, Bulgarians no longer have issues popping up in Macedonia. Just today, someone named Kanzurov took a prime spot on Macedonian national TV and held a debate with himself that the popular Macedonian writer Grigor Prlicev was a Bulgarian! It was like watching a slow moving train wreck.

We thought Kanzurov was some sort of pseudo historian from Bulgaria spreading their propaganda right in our house, but no, he is just someone from Sofia, calls himself a journalist!

With Macedonian State TV now under SDS control, only God knows what other stupidity will come about, not counting the latest push by SDS and their USAid advisors to legalize pedophilia!

The logic being, if SDS handlers have no moral, ethical or human values, popularly known as psychopaths, lets make the whole country insane, in their image!?