Bulgarian president: We’ll Quit NATO, no intention to be cannon fodder for US interests


“The situation in the world is developing quite dynamically, nations can and do undertake very sharp and rapid changes in politics,” Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said, according to the Bulgarian media, about the situation surrounding Syria.

“In the current situation, there is a serious risk that more than 30 NATO states will become hostages of disputes, with which they have nothing in common. In such a case, it can be said that it is reasonable to quit NATO and seek neutrality. In contrast, Bulgaria can become a target for huge bombardment, without having any guilt or involvement in the process. Just because we are listed as an American ‘ally’. This is absurd and unreasonable “- explains the Bulgarian president.

In the event of a global war, we will definitely consider it further because the United States is already setting up various small bases and “command centers” around the world. The only goal for the Americans is to keep Russian missiles outside of their own territory and keep their focus at US bases in Europe.

In addition, according to the NATO membership agreement, Russia has the legal right to bomb our territory because we host NATO soldiers and weapons, the Bulgarian president explains.

  • Tony

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  • Tony

    Typical Bulgaria (dog nation)

    • Tuomas Sikander

      Typical United Snakes, land of serious arseholes.

      • Tony

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