Bulgarian Tatar agents stage incident in Ohrid, to justify EU blockade


Several days ago in Ohrid, a monument dedicated to the 16 Bulgarian tourists who died in Ohrid lake after their ship sunk, was damaged. No civilian or city official in Ohrid noticed the monument being damaged.

However, with lightening speed photos of the damaged monument were already flooded in Bulgarian media, with BGNES being the first to report it. MINAReport spoke to Ohrid police officials who are convinced this was the work of Bulgarian agents who desecrated their own monument to make Macedonia look bad in Brussels.

Nobody in Macedonia has any business to destroy a small monument dedicated to tourists who perished at our lake, this is illogical and sinful. Considering we found out from Bulgarian media that a monument in Ohrid was damaged, you can draw your own conclusions“.

Ohrid mayor Konstantin Georgieski apologized to official Sofia, however, he too found out about it from BGNES and admitted that no one in the city was aware of the “incident”, adding “no police report of any kind exists about it”.

The question is now, how is it, that Bulgarian media came to this “news” and came so quickly? Who gave BGNES the photos before anyone in Ohrid could find out?

Macedonian journalists are also extremely skeptical of this incident, with Pero Momirovski going as far as to say “this is a pure provocation and a staged incident by Bulgaria. It just goes to show you how deep the Bulgarian propaganda is what they are all willing to do against Macedonia”.