Bulgarians caused Incident at Macedonian border


During Goce Delchev’s birthday commemoration (Feb 4th), the Macedonian border service decided to have their system “down”, in order to prevent provocateurs from Bulgaria visiting the Macedonian capital. Of course, this sort of thing hasn’t happened in 70 years, however, with DUI and their junior partner SDSM in Government, everything became a possibility.

DUI and SDSM have become the financiers and pillars of every anti-Macedonian activity over the past 6 years.

Here is the incident at the Macedonian border when Bulgarian citizens tried to enter by force while filming Macedonian policemen, on the Macedonian side of the border.

14 Bulgarian citizens were arrested, tried in Court and fined with 300 euros each, and banned from entering Macedonia for the next three years.

It’s a good thing this idiots were not allowed to enter, they would have been roughed up in Skopje beyond recognition.

Here is how it all started by the Bulgarian provocateurs.

Pay attention to the provocateur insulting Macedonian policemen that he was an EU citizen, therefore above Macedonian citizens… this comes from Bulgarians, who still don’t have indoor plumbing…