Car changes color based on driver mood


Remember how great mood rings were in their pre-millennium heyday? BMW has reportedly taking that idea and pushed it into the 21st century to keep up with the ever-changing auto industry.

First introduced as part of BMW’s centennial celebration last year, the German company proposed MINI VISION NEXT 100 – a car of the future that would be the ultimate personalized vehicle but still designed for sharing.

Now, it appears BMW and MINI have successfully developed a car that changes colors based on the driver’s mood, according to Bloomberg, which reported that BMW has a version of the mood MINI at a test track.

Per Bloomberg:

In the corners, BMW shows off the vehicles it sees as key to its future: a self-driving iNext with a retractable steering wheel; a Rolls-Royce whose roof and sides swing open to allow a comfortable exit; a Mini designed for sharing that changes colors to suit the driver’s mood.

According to BMW’s website description of the MINI VISION NEXT 100, the car “recognises its users, which allows it to offer personalised mobility.” And based on how the driver is feeling or what he or she wants to look like behind the wheel, “(t)he use of colour on the exterior and the projections onto the exterior panels can change” as well.

If the car makes it out of the test track, this could be the craziest and most stylish method of ride sharing.