Change a name and mufti Merkel will give you 351 pair of shoes


Finally, good news for Macedonia, and it was about time. Policemen in the country will receive 351 pair of new shoes, courtesy of mufti Merkel and the German Government. It means that 351 policemen (702 legs) out of the 10,000+ policemen will march toward a blinding light we all call ‘the future’. On top of this generous shoe-donation by Germany, several police vehicle were also donated.Are they not embarassed to be standing in front of shoes?

No donations were made in the form of hospital/ambulance vehicles. Everyone knows that if someone can wait, it’s the sick and the elderly.

To all the skeptics out there, and there are plenty of you, are you a believer now that better days are ahead for Macedonia?

You see, you change a name, and you get shoes.