Chaos in Parliament as Zaev offers cash, cars, death threats to VMRO MPs


As expected, today’s day was filled with absolute chaos in Parliament. The assembly session was cancelled three times as Zaev was unable to get 2/3 majority for a name change, therefore the session at Noon, 3pm and 6pm were cancelled.

Parliament at 8:00pm – like a night club with dozens of cars illegally parked

Meanwhile, for reasons unknown to us, the opposition VMRO was in Parliament where their MPs underwent absolute nightmare. SDS ‘activists’ with shaved heads and thick criminal dossiers are roaming through Parliament assisted by DBK police structures, meeting with VMRO MPs where they were issued death threats if they don’t vote. To ‘calm’ the situation Zaev offered new cars and millions of dollars to the families of the same MPs who received death threats minutes earlier. After unable to change their mind, Zaev cancelled the Parliament session.

Today Parliament was scheduled to either vote on name change or schedule early elections.

Now the Parliament session has been scheduled for 9pm, even though by law it cannot be past 6pm. Two dozen criminals with ties to Zaev are roaming Parliament ‘convincing’ MPs to vote.

Why is VMRO putting up with this level of fascism by Jess Baily’s junta?

Why expose your MPs to this?

  • Mech Kcbear

    Ur fukn kidding?
    Is this really going on? If it is then Macedonia will be no more it will be a place of chaotic despair rippled with uncertainty of any future prospects the UN & NATO promised, u can bet ur bottom last dollar on that. The UN & NATO guaranteed a outcome like this for Macedonia & the Macedonians by bullying forcing us to change our name to join them upon the lying low life THEIFING Greek’s full of shit claims. From one lie it’s lead to a more bigger sadistic lie & it’s crawling confusing all the good innocent sumerians that have only ever known one thing about who they are & uve got a so called modern historic leading world organisation for the better of humanity dictating forcing the complete opposite to the Macedonians bribing their way through to get the result. Why? There must be a reason for this to get through, why would one invest so much & really stoop that low as a profound world organisation to demoralise a nation of good innocent people & persuade them to change their much beloved country’s name.. Very interesting. If it’s about Russia having less teams on their side then WTF are Nato US & UN preparing for more landing launching sites zones for their future military campaign against any possible strikes on Russia? Not much else can be thought about is there?
    For this dickhead motherfucking arsehole Zaev to do this even if it’s not for this reason why would you change the name of ur our country? Atleast ur our people are innocent to the world of evil, MONEY CORRUPTION & PURE MISERY WHAT MONEY BREEDS IN THE SOUL