Chelsea wins EPL Title after 1-0 win at West Brom


It’s been coming for months, but we finally have confirmation. With a scrappy 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion — thanks to a late goal by Michy Batshuayi — Chelsea have won their sixth league title. It would take an extreme and, frankly, inadvisable act of mental contortion to argue that they’ve been anything other than deserving or that Antonio Conte has done anything other than an exceptional job.

In the process, he’s also earned a place in some serious company. Given the efficacy of the Premier League’s hype machine, you’ll doubtless be aware that English football places a lot of stock in its self-proclaimed specialness. Football here, so the theory goes, is qualitatively different to football everywhere else: more competitive, more open, more chaotic. So succeeding here requires something that time spent elsewhere, however successful, cannot possibly impart. It is almost an article of faith: True Premier League managers know the league …

… which is always a little amusing when a new, much-hyped manager arrives in the toppest top flight of them all, and that top flight swoons helplessly before them.

But lets talk money?

How much this title is really worth? Well, a lot!
Chelsea just secured the most lucrative prize in Premier League history, worth approximately $175m.

The win made Antonio Conte’s men the first Premier League champions to benefit from the proceeds of the league’s largest ever TV deal.

The influx of cash from the Premier League’s new $10bn TV deal will guarantee this year’s champions just under $175m.

That is a 65 per cent increase on the $108m earned by Leicester last season.